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	Elementos Básicos da Vida Cristã, Primeiro Volume 
	Elementos Básicos da Vida Cristã, Segundo Volume 
	O Cristo Todo-Inclusivo 
	A Economia de Deus 
	Elementos Básicos da Vida Cristã, Terceiro Volume 
	O Conhecimento de Vida 
	A Igreja Gloriosa
Since 2003 Living Stream Ministry has made a select set of its publications available for mass distribution. In particular, a series of seven books has been published in 26 languages with additional languages being added periodically. It is our desire that these mass-distribution editions be widely spread throughout the earth to all those who seek to know God and His purpose, regardless of their nationality or language.

We are pleased to make the full contents of these seven publications available through this site in all the languages currently available. As resources permit, we will endeavor to add new languages from time to time. We would encourage you to read the Getting Started section for some helpful tips for reading through these books in the most profitable way. We also welcome your suggestions and requests, including how to get printed copies of these books, which are now available in many countries through cooperating distributors.