How to Get Started with the Books in this Series

	Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume One 
	Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Two 
	The All-Inclusive Christ 
	The Economy of God 
	Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume Three 
	The Knowledge of Life 
	The Glorious Church

The books in this series can be downloaded as PDF files. You will need the freely available Adobe Reader in order to view and print PDF files. Please review carefully the distribution policy under which these files are being made available. The publications available for download are arranged in a specific order, from most basic in content to most advanced. This arrangement is intended to maximize your understanding and appreciation of the topics presented.

In progressing through the seven books, please begin with Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Volume 1; this will serve as an introduction to the series. Then read the next set of three books in the order presented. This second set covers some basic healthy Christian practices, introduces Christ as the reality of every positive thing and the center of God's eternal plan, which the Bible calls "God's economy" (1 Tim. 1:4). With this as the foundation, the final three books reveal the believer’s progressive experiences of the divine life and present God's ultimate goal through the church. We hope that such a step-by-step reading through the entire series will be helpful in knowing God and His purpose.